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london website designer: Daniel Prentice.

I'm Daniel Prentice,
a London website designer, developer
& SEO strategist.

fashion advice website design. London web designer.
hair salon website design. London web designer.
Judo club in Shepshed. London web designer: Daniel Prentice.

Who I am

I'm Daniel Prentice, a (born and bred) London web designer, developer and SEO strategist. It’s easy to build a website and generate an increase in visitors and revenue – when you know how to do it. Would you believe, this one page website, generates a good return on investment (ROI) for me month on month? It’s simple, but has all the information you require: portfolio images, service offering, my bio, contact info and pricing. Websites don’t need to be complicated to be successful, they need to be well planned and executed.

The main reason, I am well recommended is because: I listen carefully to the objectives of my client's businesses, its website(s) goals and its target audience. I started understanding target markets, from the first day I began in business in 2012 - During this time, I was a nationwide supplier for Asda (322 stores).

I know what it's like, when you have a shoe string budget and are desperate to become a success online - it's difficult, stressful and takes up a lot of time. I have made many mistakes, spent a lot of money and wasted a lot of time. You can benefit from my mistakes, and will not make the same yourself.

Services I offer:

  • Domains: Research, and Purchase
  • Hosting
  • Website Business Plan
  • Website Market Research
  • Website Design
  • Website Development/Multi-Languages
  • SEO Business Plan
  • Basic SEO
  • Advanced SEO / Multiple Locations

I offer an easy, no stress solution for as little as £100PCM. Contact me for your free no obligation quote. Use the form above, or give me a call to get started.